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What is #365iWorship?

Unity, Lifestyle, The Movement

#365iWorship is a movement that calls the believer to devote to a lifestyle of daily worship. The #365iWorship sessions are designed to reach beyond denomination, race, and any category that sets limitation on fellowship. Our objective is to not only empower the art of worship, but to also reach those who have yet to activate a lifestyle of worship life and personal relationship with God.

Bring #365iWorship To You

Join the Movement

Now YOU too can join this life-empowering movement! Submit your testimonial and a photo to: tnm@tnicholeministries.com. For questions and more information about the #365iWorship Movement, contact us! 

"We're building an eternal-long relationship with the Father, one day at a time."  ~
 Tiffany Nichole`